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To speak with one of our Charlotte Mecklenburg speeding ticket and traffic lawyers today, call 704-412-1442.          

Our charlotte traffic and Speeding ticket lawyers can help.

Our Charlotte Mecklenburg traffic lawyers can help with all moving and non-moving violations, including but not limited to:  Speeding; speeding in excess of 55 MPH; aggressive driving; reckless driving; hit and run; hit and run property damage; following too closely; driving on wrong side of road; illegal passing; failing to yield to pedestrian; failure to yield to bicycle, motor scooter, or motorcycle; failure to yield to right of way; running through stop sign; running through red light; no driver's license; driving while license revoked; expired license; failure to stop for siren; driving through safety zone; no insurance; failure to report accident; passing a stopped school bus; speeding in a school zone; failure to properly restrain a child in a restraint; work zone violations; seat belt violations; inspection violations; and registration violations.

Our attorneys are also prepared to help you: obtain limited driving privileges, get your license back, and resolve failure's to appear (FTAs) and orders for your arrest (OFAs) associated with missing traffic court dates.  

Charlotte mecklenburg speeding and traffic tickets, just paying the fine

Mecklenburg County and other counties across the state of North Carolina make it very easy for you to pay your speeding ticket online to easily resolve the issue and avoid coming to court.  This ease of access is tremendously beneficial to the state of NC because payment is received quickly, a guilty plea is entered by the offender, and the state does not have to spend money on court costs associated with handling these matters in person, including salaries of district attorneys, judges, and all other court personnel needed when court time is required in a case.  

This arrangement is not nearly as beneficial for you as it is for the state of North Carolina.  Paying a ticket online will certainly be convenient and potentially save you some time driving to the courthouse.  However, you are giving up serious rights which may have a present and future impact on you, your driver's license, your insurance bill, and possibly even your criminal record.  By paying your fine online, you are pleading guilty and admitting all allegations the state of NC has made against you.  You are also waiving your constitutional rights to a trial/hearing in open court, to confrontation of the witness(es) against you, to representation by an attorney, and the opportunity to potentially negotiate a better deal with a district attorney.  

Giving up these rights and pleading guilty, whether online or in court on your own, may have an immediate impact on your driving record and insurance rate.  However, the bigger concern comes down the road. A subsequent ticket becomes more difficult to deal with when you have a prior violation to which you have plead guilty on your record, and may have an impact on the plea deals offered, punishments, and insurance rates.   


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Charlotte Mecklenburg county Traffic and speeding Lawyers

Our Charlotte based traffic lawyers are experienced with a wide range of traffic and speeding tickets in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus counties.  If you have questions regarding your traffic or speeding matter, call us today.  We can help.  

Most of us have been pulled over in our vehicles by a police officer at one point or another.  We all know how it feels to see those blue lights behind us...But the worst part comes weeks later when our insurance company gets word of our recent violation, and our insurance rates increase. Our attorneys are well versed in traffic law, DMV points systems, and the procedure for handling traffic matters in Charlotte Mecklenburg and surrounding counties.   

Factors that will play a major role in traffic violation cases include but are not limited to: the circumstances surrounding the incident (work zone, school zone, etc...); the severity of the infraction (for example, with speeding tickets, the higher over the speed limit, the more severe the potential repercussions); and your past driving record.  Also, each traffic violation has an assigned "point value," which alone, or in combination with past infractions, can have an impact on your insurance rates and/or the status of your driver's license with the DMV.  For more detailed information about driver's license points in NC, please find a link to the North Carolina Traffic Violations point system in our Criminal Defense and Traffic Ticket resources area towards the bottom of this page.

Charlotte mecklenburg traffic and Speeding ticket LawyerS 


Our Traffic related consultations are ALWAYS free.

We can help.

Our attorneys are experienced with traffic matters and are here to help with all steps involved in the process of resolving your issue, including: analyzing the details of your case to determine if there are tryable issues, walking you through your options, negotiating a plea deal deal with a district attorney on your behalf, or pressing forward with and representing your interests zealously at trial.  

Prayer for judgment continued (PJC)

A PJC is a common tool used when traffic tickets are involved.  PJCs result in a judgment NOT being entered, which means that the driver is not actually convicted of the offense involved.  For insurance purposes, there is no insurance premium surcharge nor assessment of points for the first PJC used in a three year period.  This is a household exception, typically applied to mean that if any other person on your insurance policy has used a PJC during the past three years then you will not receive this benefit (though in some instances, people who are not on the same policy, but live together- such as husband and wife- are grouped together for this purpose).  

A second PJC per household in the same three year period will raise insurance rates based on the original conviction and the subsequent conviction.  This is why it is very important to avoid using a PJC unless there are no better options available.  Often, and depending on the circumstances, there may be multiple options that are much more beneficial to you than using a PJC.  It is important to consult with an attorney prior to accepting any deal involving a PJC. 

To speak with one of our Charlotte Mecklenburg speeding ticket and traffic lawyers today, call 704-412-1442.          

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Our attorneys are experienced with traffic matters in Charlotte Mecklenburg and surrounding counties.  To speak to one of our Charlotte traffic ticket and speeding lawyers regarding a traffic related matter, contact us today at 704-412-1442.