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"I just got a speeding ticket.  Do I really need a lawyer?"

Posted by Valerie Hunter, Hunter & Hein, Attorneys at Law, PLLC, 1/15/15

The simple answer to this question is yes. Regardless of the speed or what your driving record looks like, you should always seek legal representation when you’re charged with ANY criminal offense or infraction- and yes, some speeding violations are criminal offenses. Why, you ask, do I need a criminal defense attorney for a speeding ticket? Well, did you know:

In North Carolina, your license can be revoked after just one speeding ticket for certain violations;  some speeding ticket convictions could result in jail time; and
Insurance points surcharge rates could be up to 90% for a speeding violation.

North Carolina makes it very convenient for you to pay a speeding ticket by simply going online and making a payment. But convenience on the front end may not be worth the repercussions on the back end. By paying your speeding ticket online, you may be pleading guilty to a criminal misdemeanor offense, and exposing yourself to jail time whether now or in the future. Another trap many people who receive speeding tickets fall into is (what I call) the “PJC trap.” A PJC (prayer for judgment continued) may not be as beneficial as you think. There are many occasions when getting a PJC isn’t the best, or even second best, option. See our blog on PJCs (“The PJC Trap: Sometimes It’s Not The Best Option.”) Before you pay a ticket, negotiate with the DA, or ask a judge for a PJC, it is important to talk to an experienced traffic attorney. Taking a little extra time and spending a little extra money up front, could save you a lot of hardship and money that the consequences of a guilty plea can bring later. We can help.  Call us today at 704-412-1442 to speak with a Charlotte Mecklenburg traffic lawyer.


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