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​Hunter & Hein, Attorneys at Law, PLLC, is a Charlotte, NC based law firm, practicing in the areas of Family and Divorce Law, Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, and Civil Litigation.  Our firm was created with the goal of serving the public's need for personalized, professional, and convenient legal services at an affordable price. We believe that a "case" is never just about legal issues, but the people and lives behind those issues; and we want to know each of the people we call our clients.  

At Hunter & Hein, we offer more than just legal services.  We offer peace of mind.  Legal issues can be confusing, frustrating, time consuming, and generally overwhelming for the parties involved. You can depend on us to answer your legal questions, to prepare you for what to expect  moving forward, and to provide you guidance as we walk you through the legal process.  Our clients do not go through their legal issues alone, because we provide support every step along the way.  When legal issues arise, your life goes on, and it can be hard to keep up.  Let us keep up with your legal issues, so you can keep up with your life. ​

If we can be of assistance in any way regarding your legal matter, call us today at 704-412-1442. One of our attorneys can answer questions you have and explain how we may be able to help.  

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Our Philosophy and Approach to the law

When working on cases that have the possibility to become contentious, we strive to take a "reasoned" approach to our practice of law.  This means we will be aggressive when a case call for it, but will avoid being blindly aggressive; we will extend all common and necessary courtesies to the parties involved in a case, but will protect your interests with zealous advocacy; and we will work towards a beneficial resolution of your case out of court if possible, but will press forward firmly with litigation and trial if necessary.  

When working on non-contentious matters such as drafting documents, our philosophy revolves around simplifying complex legal concepts, paying attention to detail, and getting to know the specific needs and desires of our individual clients.  

Regardless of what type of matter we handle on your behalf, our mantra is to be Direct, Diligent, and Dependable:  




Top 10 Client Satisfaction Award, Criminal Defense Lawyer

We will be direct with you while discussing your legal issues - this involves straight answers regarding your case, while avoiding confusing "legalese" language. Our goal is to provide realistic expectations, while explaining complex legal issues in simple terms.

We will work diligently on your case to provide answers to your questions and an outcome that is favorable to you. Hard work is not something our attorneys take lightly. We have a duty to serve you zealously and to the fullest possible extent of the law.

We will be
dependable - we will return all calls and emails within 24 hours and will dedicate the time necessary to keep you informed regarding the status of your legal case. 

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