General Powers of Attorney

A "general power of attorney," sometimes called a "financial power of attorney," allows you to name an agent who may act on your behalf by making financial and/or business decisions for you.  Read on... 

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Living Wills

A living will is quite different from a "Last Will and Testament" and is used to create end of life directives. Read on...


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Medical PowerS of attorney

A "medical power of attorney" allows you to designate a person of your choice to make healthcare and medical decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated.  Read on...  

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A "trust" is an instrument run by a trustee who manages and distributes property pursuant to the wishes of the creator of the trust. Trusts may offer greater flexibility and the ability to create more specialized solutions than a traditional Will.  Read on...

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Our attorneys can help with all aspects of the estate planning process, including:

* Reviewing your current estate documents

* Drafting estate documents on your behalf

* Updating, Changing, or Re-writing prior documents


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NOTE:  Don't forget to update your estate plan after major life changes, including divorce, death of a beneficiary, and financial changes.  

Guardianship and Incompetency

A proceeding involving incompetency and guardianship may be necessary if a loved one is no longer able to care for himself or herself and the proper powers of attorney are either not in place or are not resolving certain issues. Read on...

WIlls (Last Will and Testatment)

A properly drafted and executed Will is essential to ensure that your property, assets, and other important designations are handled as you wish upon death. Read on...   

The estate planning process

The first step in creating an Estate Plan is deciding what documents you want and need.  Our attorneys will discuss your unique situation, explain the purpose of each document, and help you decide what options are best for you.   The process begins with one of our attorneys gathering basic information about you and your estate, including your assets and desires for distributing your property.  We do this by sitting down with you face to face, by telephone, or by emailing you our Estate Planning Questionnaire Packet to complete on your own time.  

Once we've gathered all necessary information, we will begin drafting your Estate Plan to fit your individual needs and wishes.  We will then provide you with the finalized documents, walk you through the steps required to properly execute and store these documents, and help you execute these documents if you would prefer to do so at our office.  We will be there every step of the way to ensure that you have an Estate Plan that reflects your desires and wishes while complying with North Carolina Laws and regulations.

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Charlotte Estate Planning Lawyers

The future is uncertain.  Unfortunately, none of us know what lies around the next corner.  Planning for unexpected circumstances, such as illness or death, can greatly reduce the stress on our loved ones during these difficult times. An estate plan may include one, all, or any combination of a number of documents, including Wills, Living Wills, Medical Powers of Attorney, General Powers of Attorney and Trusts.  Our attorneys are available to explain the purpose of each of these documents and whether they may be a suitable part of your estate plan given your particular situation.  Our attorneys are also available to help with guardianship and incompetency proceedings.  Protecting your family and love ones is a priority.  Let us help you make sure it is done right.   

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