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Alcohol offenses:

North Carolina heavily regulates the purchase and consumption of alcohol. Prosecutors have access to a wide range of alcohol related charges which may be brought depending on numerous factors including the age of the offender and the location of consumption.  Read more... 

Or, visit our page on Underage Alcohol Offenses.

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Dealing with the court system can be overwhelming, regardless of what crime or violation you have been accused of. Our attorneys are here to navigate the difficult waters ahead and deal with the criminal justice system on your behalf.  If you are facing criminal charges and would like to discuss your legal matter with an attorney, call 704-412-1442 today to speak with one of our Charlotte Mecklenburg criminal defense lawyers or visit our contact page

Drug Offenses:

Our Charlotte Mecklenburg criminal defense lawyers are prepared to help with the full range of drug related offenses, including:

*Possession of drugs, paraphernalia, prescription drugs, trafficking, intent to distribute, manufacturing, selling, and/or delivering controlled substances, etc...For more information, visit our page on drug related charges.   

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Being stopped for driving under the influence can be one of the most stressful times of one's life.  Our Charlotte Mecklenburg DUI / DWI lawyers are here to help. DUI / DWI cases can become very complicated.  Our representation includes analyzing all aspects associated with each every case we handle, including:  the initial stop by a police officer or checkpoint, the field sobriety tests completed on site by the arresting officer, breath and blood tests, analyzing on-board police video of the incident, and all other circumstances related to the arrest.  Read more... 

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Child abuse and neglect:

North Carolina prosecutors and judges take allegations of child abuse and neglect very seriously.  The consequences associated with child abuse and neglect can range dramatically from probation to long prison terms, and can have a major impact on your parental rights moving forward.  Read more... 

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What are my rights? 
It is important to know and assert your rights. Listed below are some things you should know if you are confronted by a police officer.

You have the right to remain silent.
You are under no obligation to answer questions, and you cannot be punished for remaining silent.  If you choose to assert this right, you should do so out loud, making the officer aware that you will not answer his or her questions. 

You have the right to speak with an attorney.
If you have been arrested, you should ask for an attorney immediately.  The officer must then allow you to call your attorney, or one must be provided for you. 

You have the right to deny permission for a search.
If an officer asks to search your vehicle or your home, you DO NOT have to say yes.  It is your right to deny the officer permission to conduct a search, and the officer usually must obtain a warrant before doing so unless certain emergency and precautionary measures are necessary.  

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Traffic tickets:

Our Charlotte Mecklenburg traffic lawyers are available to help with all moving and non-moving violations, including:
*Speeding tickets, reckless driving, aggressive driving, driving while license revoked, hit and run, following too closely, driving on wrong side of road, illegal passing, etc. For a full list of moving and non-moving violations and additional traffic related information, visit our traffic page.   

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Charlotte Mecklenburg County criminal defense attorneys

​Our Charlotte criminal defense and traffic lawyers are experienced and prepared to zealously represent your interests in all stages of your case, including pre-charge representation, investigating the circumstances surrounding your case , negotiating with district attorneys, and/or pressing forward aggressively with trial. Criminal Defense in North Carolina covers a broad spectrum of topics, including traffic violations, alcohol and drug related offenses, crimes against persons (including violent crimes, sex crimes, domestic violence and child abuse crimes), non-violent crimes, city ordinance violations, misdemeanors, felonies, and the process of expunging charges and convictions related to these offenses from ones record.  


It is important that you are fully informed of your rights, the tryable issues in your case, the potential plea deals and diversionary programs that should be made available to you, and the impact of a guilty plea on your future.  You have a RIGHT to an attorney in most criminal matters. If you can't afford an attorney, you should request a public defender.  

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Charlotte Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Violence:

Our lawyers are able to help with all domestic violence related issues, including:

* Filing for Domestic Violence Protective Orders (DVPO's).

* Plaintiff representation at DVPO hearings. 

* Defendant representation at DVPO hearings.

* Defendant representation on Simple Assault and Assault on Female charges.

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Charlotte Expungement Lawyer
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Additional Criminal Law Matters:

* General Misdemeanors: we have successfully represented clients in a broad range of misdemeanor offenses.

* Violent Crimes: crimes against the person of another, including assault and other related charges. 

* Non-Violent Crimes: crimes against property, including trespass, larceny, property damage, hit and run property,    unlawful discharge of firearm, etc.

* Sex Crimes: sexual battery, indecent liberties, peeping, indecent exposure, etc.

We can help.

Our attorneys are experienced with a wide range of criminal offenses and are here to help with all steps involved in the process of resolving your issue, including: analyzing the details of your case to determine if there are tryable issues, walking you through your options, negotiating a plea deal deal with a district attorney on your behalf, and/or pressing forward and representing your interests zealously at trial.  

Expungement / expunction:

Expungement involves having charges and/or convictions permanently removed from one's record.  Most of these actions are available for use only once in a lifetime.  Read on...

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