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Agreements related to family law and Divorce 

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Enforcing Agreements: the method and manner by which an agreement may be enforcement depends upon the type of agreement involved and whether or not the agreement has been incorporated into a court order.  Read more...  

Separation Agreements: typically used by couples after separation and prior to divorce as a means to resolve some or all marital related claims, including but not limited to: property division, post-separation support, alimony, child custody, and child support.  Read more...  

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Prenup Agreements: typically used by engaged couples as a means to dictate in advance how property, business interests, other assets, and marital claims will be distributed and resolved in the event of a future divorce. Read more...  

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NC Law is specific as to both the content that may be included in these agreements as well as the elements dictating the validity of these agreements.  To speak with one of our attorneys regarding drafting, reviewing, and/or enforcing your agreement, call us today at 704-412-1442.

PostNup Agreements:  Similar to a Prenup but created after the parties to the agreement have married.  Read more...  


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